HGH HGH Supplements

A Complete Guide on Human Growth Hormone Supplements

A Complete Guide on Human Growth Hormone Supplements
A Complete Guide on Human Growth Hormone Supplements

Human Growth Hormone Supplements

There are certain factors which are assumed to turn back the internal clock of the body. Human growth hormones are one of those factors, as the hormone speeds up the building of muscles and increased libido. The hormone is produced in the body naturally but sometimes due to its deficiency or due to more energy requirements some people need to take supplements to achieve the desired outcomes. But before using Human Growth Hormone Supplements, one must consult a physician to rule out the risk of other ailments. You can find complete guide on Human Growth Hormone Supplements below.

What is Human Growth Hormone?

As we discussed above, the HGH is produced in the body naturally by pituitary gland, as the name indicates, the hormone is responsible for cellular growth and regeneration, it is also supposed to increase bone density and muscle mass, it is integral for the healthy functioning of certain body organs. When pituitary gland releases this hormone, it remains active in the blood stream for only few minutes, although this is extremely short time but still the liver successfully converts it into growth factors, the most significant of these growth factors is a growth factor similar to insulin (IGF-1).

A Complete Guide on Human Growth Hormone Supplements
A Complete Guide on Human Growth Hormone Supplements

It carries some anabolic characteristics. HGH was extracted by scientists from the pituitary glands in 1950’s. The synthesis of HGH started in 1980’s, since that time, the drug has been widely used as a performance enhancer and therefore gained popularity in a very short time span.

How Much HGH is Produced in the Body Naturally?

In a healthy human adult man, the HGH is generally lower than 5 nanogram/ml in the blood. In healthy females however, the concentration of HGH is doubled during pregnancy. During Puberty (age of maturation), the HGH is at peak while it drops gradually in the beginning of 20’s.

Deficiency of HGH:

If you suspect to have low HGH in the body, the doctor will recommend growth hormone test. The test is generally taken during fasting. The blood sample will then be taken and checked for the quantity of HGH.

The Action of Human Growth Hormone:

Initially when creatine (a nitrogenous organic acid that occurs naturally in vertebrates and helps to supply energy to all cells in the body) was produced, the media described it as a threatening substance for human health, but with advanced research it was proven that the substance is rather useful. Same is the case with HGH, the uses are many and complications associated with the use of HGH are few. The people taking human growth hormone supplements rarely report increase in blood sugar and fluid retention, but again it happens very rare and many people are found safely using these supplements.

The Requirements of Human Growth Hormone Supplements :

Growth hormone plays a crucial role in muscle building, cellular regeneration and tissue repair. Many effects of HGH are not evident with naked eye. HGH is reported to considerably reduce the degenerative diseases which are directly related to aging. The healthy functioning of brain, increased sex drive and general well being are few of the main conditions which are maintained by HGH. On the other hand, the low levels of HGH can cause lower energy levels. Poor decision making and memory loss, fat gain, loss of muscles etc. Under these conditions physicians will recommend supplements so that one can stay fit and healthy for a long time.

Availability of Human Growth Hormone Supplements

In United States, you can easily get Human Growth Hormone supplements showing doctor’s prescription. There are certain anti aging clinics which are expert in detecting the deficiencies of GH and finding out the possible solutions. There are certain people who do not have sensitivity towards GH, IGF-1 is generally prescribed to such people. Keep in mind that taking Human Growth Hormone supplements illegally can be disastrous as well.

Boosting Up HGH Levels in the Body:

There are two major factors which can be helpful in maintaining the balance of HGH in the body without using supplemental drugs. These factors are proper weight training and adequate sleep.  When a person is physically active, more HGH will be produced in the body. Exercise is therefore considered a natural way to boost up HGH levels in the body. The investigation on the men after strenuous exercises have shown a hike in HGH levels. Compared to those men who are physically not too active.

Sleep is another important factor, you might have listened that 8-9 hours of sleep are essential for good health and fitness; it is because when a person is at deep sleep, the level of HGH increases in the body. Alertness, strong memory and decision making, feeling energetic are probable consequences of reasonable HGH level in the blood.


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